Eligibility requirements

  • Any college student, graduate or undergraduate, can participate.
  • Team members do not have to be from the same university.
  • Submissions that are part of a classroom effort or capstone project are eligible and encouraged.
  • Teams can have a faculty advisor, but this is not a requirement.
  • Multiple teams from the same university can participate.
  • Participation is currently restricted to students in U.S. colleges. An international version of this safety competition is in the making for future roll-out.


Each team will submit a 20-page document. Top 5 submissions will be invited to submit slides for and deliver a 20-minute presentation.

Scoring and evaluation

Submissions will be evaluated based on their intellectual merit and broader impact by a multi-disciplinary panel of experts. The evaluation will include the following elements:

  • Depth of understanding of the safety problem considered.
  • Novelty of the analysis and insights.
  • Proposed creative solutions, their effectiveness and feasibility.

The evaluation criteria are meant to be broad and not restrict or hint at any particular approach to the problems investigated or the (portfolio of) solutions proposed. Multidisciplinary analyses, novel insights, and creative solutions are highly encouraged. These can include technical, epidemiologic, economic (cost-benefit analysis), and behavioral aspects. For example, more effective design, monitoring, detection, education, targeted messaging/communication solutions, or a combination of these different elements are valid submissions. An understanding of the accident patterns and risk factors in the safety problem addressed is important to inform and justify the choices made in the portfolio of prevention solutions proposed. While submissions can include also for extra credit elements such as prototype design, field investigation, social marketing campaign for specific accident and injury prevention communication, these elements are not required.


Submissions to the competition shall be the original work of the team members. Participants retain copyright ownership of their submission to the competition. By virtue of participating in the competition, the team members grant the organizers non-exclusive license to reproduce submissions. Appropriate acknowledgment will always accompany any reuse of materials.